Now Hiring! Selective Kansas City Female escorts. Photos are required. $1000 to $4000 weekly.

Employment - Please fill out our Kansas City Escort Application with your information along with photos.

Beautiful Face, Fit, Excellent presentation, toned body.
Our clients demands the very best Kansas City Escorts. We are very selective for that reason. By all means, make your application, you may be more suitable than you think, but please do compare yourself physically with our escorts on our website, to ensure you are not wasting everyones time. (see some of our escorts here, to compare yourself physically) You should be the type of girl who cannot go out without her makeup or hair done. If you take a lot of pride in your image and presentation, you will usually be physically suitable. 50% of your success will depend on your look, which is a big percentage. But it's certainly not the only thing that is important:

Warm, friendly, personable nature.
A courtesan-level Kansas City escort is more attractive inside than she is outside, regardless of her physical beauty. (I'm-better-than-you) prima donnas ,or thoughtless attitudes will be tolerated. We have a warm, caring family circle at Kansas City All American Girls Escort Service, and female escorts who do not treat their associates and clientele with respect are not welcome here. Lose any self absorption before applying here at Kansas City All American Girls Escort Service.
You must also possess top notch articulation skills. If you do not speak excellent english also, do not apply. Our clients are extremely particular, and they expect the company of female escorts who can express themselves appropriately, and understand their conversations.

Confidence and "normal intelligence" is also of course a requirement.
You will be entertaining some of the top clients in Kansas City and the country with us. You need to be confident of your social, entertainment abilities, and be able to hold a normal, intelligent conversation. You need to be able to flirt with them, understand their jokes, and charm them generally speaking, on top of the entertainment. They must give us excellent feedback about you. Your reward will be a 5 figure plus weekly income.

Reliability, and drug free lifestyle. You may be asked to take a drug test at our discretion. We prefer Kansas City Escorts of a corporate or modeling background, but there are a few escorts who have no previous experience, who still do extremely well regardless. However you should see this position as a professional career, the primary difference is here, you make 5x or 6x as much money! You are required to be very reliable. We do not have fines and bonds etc. Our Kansas City Female Escorts are given one chance and one chance only. If she does not see the golden position she holds, and lets her professionalism slide, she is suspended or dismissed. Don't think for a moment this is an simple, easy, lazy position, as my be the case with other escort services. A female escort at Kansas City All American Girls Escort Service will be required to always take pride in her work, to earn this kind of income. There is no need for bonds and fines, as genuine escoxrts are genuine escorts, and the ones who aren't will not be here long. If You do the right thing, the rewards will be endless.
Drug abuse is not tolerated at Kansas City All American Girls Escorts. We do not work with female escorts who have dependencies of any kind, and our management is highly experienced. We always know. Reliability and clean living go hand in hand.Please

Please fill out our Kansas City Escort Service Application with your information along with photos if you are interested.

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